Friday, June 8, 2012

Unmotivated... let's change that.

This past week, I've been so unmotivated to eat healthy and complete my workouts.  I don't know why...  As of today, we're about 40-something days out from the wedding, which also means that I'm 40-something days into P90X.  This week has been basically a scrap for me because I just couldn't stop thinking about eating something that I didn't need to have.

So, I indulged.  And I didn't do my workout.  Twice.

I know, it's bad.  I tried so hard to stay on track, but I felt like the more I tried, the worse the inklings were.

I looked at my nutrition plan, and I realized what was going on.  My energy was running out, which is a classic reason to switch to Phase II of the plan.  I'm starting that tomorrow, so I hope I'll be able to have better focus for the last half of the program.  I was so focused - almost to the point of being OCD - for the first month, but around Day 35 or so, it just started going downhill.  I think my attention span is about that long for workout programs, but changing things up a bit with my nutrition plan should do the trick.

Plus, I watched the P90X infomercial tonight, which ALWAYS helps to keep my eye on the prize.  And that prize right now is looking hot in my wedding dress...  and for the honeymoon trip.

So...  Onward and forward!