Thursday, March 24, 2011


I seem to have a trend of posting on Thursdays.  Not really sure why, but I guess that's when I actually think about posting.  I guess once-a-week is better than none! 

So, I'm STILL at the 15 lbs lost stage, so I've been trying something different: jogging.  We have a local park that's perfect for running, jogging, and walking, so I've been going there for the past several days to build up my stamina.  I've also got a 5K on Saturday that I've got to train for.  Yes, I've got the procrastination bug.  At least I've been working out somewhat hardcore since January, so that's helped my stamina more than I realized.  The boyfriend and I did two run/walk laps around the park yesterday, and I felt pretty decent about it.  Not the fastest I've ever been, but on the flip side, it isn't the slowest.  I've just gotta keep building on it, and I'll be able to run just fine.

I've realized lately that my life theme is patience.  Patience for losing weight; patience for getting into shape; patience with relationships; patience that the right opportunities will come along.  I know I can't lose weight all at once - if it was easy, everyone would do it.  I've got to work even harder to achieve my goals and get into shape.  It's like that for everything, though - when it's time for something to come along or happen, God will make it happen.  :)

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