Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Next Step - Fitness Announcement

After I finish P90X, I've set everything up to complete Insanity, Insanity: Asylum, and P90X2.  I'm going to finish P90X the Friday before our wedding and am projecting to start Insanity the week after our honeymoon.  I've got to splurge just a little bit while we're on the cruise! :)  But that's not the biggest thing...

I'm going to apply to become a "coach" for the products.

It's slightly like anyone who sells any other product (Avon, jewelry, etc.), but this is something a little bit different in that it's helping you reach your fitness goals.  The title is a "coach" because I'm literally going to be coaching people through the programs, offering all of the products listed on the Beach Body website, and just helping anyone who is interested in getting fit.  I'm also going to start a "Fit Club" in our area for anyone who is interested in trying out one or two Beach Body workouts per week.  Maybe try one P90X workout here, a TurboFire workout there, and a Power 90 workout on top of it.  We can switch it up!  There aren't any of these clubs in our area, so hopefully this will reach out to a lot of people who are interested in getting fit and feeling great and let everyone see how great these programs truly are.

I've had my eye on this endeavor ever since I started P90X the first time because I knew it worked.  Unfortunately, I got rear-ended in my Equinox and wasn't able to finish the program, which set me back quite a bit.  I'm currently on my second attempt of P90X and just started my 2nd month.  In my last post, I showed my results for just one month.  Yeah, it seems like my weight hasn't gone down too much, but let me tell you...  I look COMPLETELY different than I did when I started this.  

My pants fit looser.  My shirts are a bit more baggy.  I'm more flexible.  I feel better.  That's what's important.

Believe me - I'd love to post my pre-beginning and Day 30 photos, but it's a little bit embarrassing! :)  I promise that I will post them sometime...  but just take my word that you can tell a huge difference in just a short amount of time.  

So anyway, if anyone is interested in the "Fit Club," let me know.  I'll probably start it around August or September, depending on how quickly I'm able to go through the Coach program.  The more, the merrier!

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