Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 2 Results (with a Savannah Trip In-Between)

Well, I survived Week 2!  I served as a teacher chaperone to our middle school's Savannah trip, and really enjoyed the food from the coast.  The food was just fabulous, and I made sure to enjoy some perfectly-spiced boiled shrimp and snow crab legs.  Mmmmmm. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  We walked all over the place, so that helped create even more of a caloric deficit.  I wasn't able to do my Kenpo X workout because there wasn't a DVD player in the hotel, but the walking made up for a little bit of it.  I was a little bummed because Kenpo X is my favorite, but getting to sight-see with the kids was all worth it.

Here are my Week 2 Results:

Weight: down 1.2 lbs
Body Fat %: down 0.5%
Chest: down 0.5"
1.5" Under Chest: down 0.25"
Stomach: same
Hips: down 0.5"
Mid Left Thigh: down 0.25"
Mid Right Thigh: down 0.5"
Mid Left Bicep: down 0.25"
Mid Right Bicep: same

I'm totally cool with these results, especially since I was on a bus for 11 hours during the weekend and since I wasn't able to eat fully-balanced meals.  My only concern thus far is that my right bicep hasn't changed at all yet.  I'm hoping that will change this week because I can't have one arm majorly bigger than the other!

Hope everyone is doing well and pushing play to their fullest extent! :)

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