Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food Log Day 2

To help keep myself accountable, I'm doing a food log that's separated just like the P90X breakdown.  Instead of counting calories, I'm managing my intake of specific types of foods, as well as using portion control.  The red font items are what I neglected to eat, which helps serve as a visual for me to see what I'm lacking.  Anyway, here's my Day 2 Log:

Protein: 3 eggs
Protein: Ham
Protein: Tomato Basil Tuna
Protein: Luna Bar
Protein: Shrimp
Protein: Chicken
Dairy: Sharp Shredded Cheddar
Dairy: Danactive Strawberry
Fruit: Apple and Pineapple
Vegetable: Lettuce
Vegetable: Broccoli
Vegetable: Corn
Vegetable: Sizzling Rice Soup
Carb: Rice
Snack - Single: String Cheese
Snack - Double:
Snack - Drink: Hot Tea with Splenda
P90X Workout: 280 Calories Burned

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