Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lost another pound today...

...but I'm sure that I gained it right back because of everything I ate today!  My grand total so far is 11 pounds on the dot, so as long as I keep moving forward in that direction, I think I'll be good to go.

Had some sushi for lunch, and the lady screwed up my order.  That resulted in them giving me the 16 count California Roll instead of the 8 count.  My will-power isn't good enough to say no to extra pieces of a Cali-Roll.  Then, tonight we had fajitas at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.  I must admit it: I'm a guac-aholic.  Mmm, mmm good.

I tried to make it up by playing some Wii Tennis and Baseball tonight.  I didn't think that the Power 90 workout this morning was enough for my overwhelming appetite for...  well, um...  good food.  The only thing was that those freaking Miis were playing some tennis tricks on me.  Little turds.  At least I beat the crap out of them with my sick serving techniques.  Take that, tennis Mii.

Well, Pierce Brosnan is on the television right now.  That's major ADD for me, since he is pretty much the sexiest celebrity alive. His singing in Mamma Mia isn't so great, but I'll overlook that for now.  So, so long for tonight!

PS - I love this song.  Like, for real.  Enjoy!

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