Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Challenge!

Yeah, I know...  I haven't posted anything since Friday.  Lo siento!  This weekend was way busy with fitting in my workouts, going to a sorority meeting, having fun at Dave and Busters, going to church, practicing my skills at the shooting range, taking my dad to the Urgent Care Center to get some skin glue for a cut he received from the pistol kickback (yeah, that really happened)... and now it's Monday again.  Not just any Monday, though - it's Valentine's Day!

Today is normally focused toward all of the people you love, but try something new this year - show yourself how much you love just being you.  None of us are perfect, yet we're all our own worst critic when one little thing isn't what we think it should be...  Why is that?  I've never really understood why, either.  Think about it for a minute - a lot of us (myself, included) fantasize about looking like a model out of an advertisement, but do we really want to be like that?  Maybe we want to showcase confidence in our appearance, but there's no way I'd want to have that much pressure to look like that at all times. 

So, here's my challenge to you on this Valentine's Day:  think of 5 "I am" words or phrases that describe why you love yourself.  If you want, you can post them in my comments section, or you can just keep them to yourself.  It's solely up to you.  Here are mine:

I am: compassionate, adventurous, unique, thoughtful, and confident in my abilities.

Now it's your turn!  Enjoy this beautiful Monday, and I hope you have an excellent Valentine's Day!  :)


  1. Neat little challenge. I will have to have my kids do this!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    My 5 "I am"
    I am nurturing
    I am a great friend
    I am sensitive
    I am nosey
    I am Truthful

  2. Great idea! Love your 5 "I am" statements... They're awesome! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day! :)