Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just keep running

I went jogging for the first time in a long time this past Saturday.  I felt like I needed to start running again since I signed up for a 5K at the end of March.  It was such a beautiful day outside, with the birds hanging out at the lake and the squirrels running all over creation.  It was so great to finally get to run outside, and I actually made it almost the entire 1.5 mile.  I started walking around the 1.35 mile area, so I was pretty impressed with myself.  The only thing was that I was completely wiped out the rest of the day.  Like, for real wiped out - I had absolutely no energy and I felt like my body was just going to collape.  That next morning when I woke up, I seriously just barely was able to get out of the bed.  My lungs could take the 1.5 miles, but my muscles were far from being able to do that comfortably. 

I haven't really lost any weight since I reached the 13 pound mark.  Not really sure why, but I'll just keep on trying.  Working out and eating right help, but I may need to boost my motivation somehow.  Any suggestions?


  1. Congrats on your jog....Keep it up. I'm looking forward to you hitting the 25lb mark. I'm wanting to know how those shoes are. My sister does bootcamp and her instructor wears them all the time. I just am to tight to spend that money on a pair that I might not like!! :) My blog and all of you all have helped keep me motivated but I still struggle....It's all mental. We just have to think about how proud we are when we do accomplish it!!

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  3. The first ten lbs is always hardest, and then you level out. No matter what STICK to it. Do not do not do not stop! And get some sleep, you earned it.

  4. Thanks Christie and Dani! I really appreciate your support... it means a lot to me. :)